Inspired by Jodie

After the visit of Jodie Randall to our group some of us were inspired to send her images.

This was her reply,

Thank you ever so much for sending these photos along. I’m very flattered!
Two in particular stood out – the silhouetted robin and the grass taken with a lens baby. I like the patterns in the robin image. Perhaps it could benefit from a slight crop – just a little more off of the bottom to improve the composition.
All of the pictures are lovely and I’m really pleased to know that I’ve inspired people to go out and take them. I’m glad everyone is having fun experimenting with a lens baby. They are fun! Now is a fantastic time to be out with a camera photographing insects and flowers so I hope everyone continues to be inspired by nature.
Thank you again.
Kind regards,

6 thoughts on “Inspired by Jodie”

    1. Only just registered on the DR site to be able to comment!
      Some time ago I pressed something in Lightroom which now attaches a title caption of ‘Barn Owl’ to every imported image!! When I submit club comp PDI with proper title it works ok but hovering mouse over thumbnail still shows blumming barn owl. Have no idea how to get rid of it and if I do find a way will it confuse Lightroom when trying to retrieve all those images with barn owl caption??!!

  1. I have approved you Wendy! How about going back to the original Blooming Barn Owl and open in LR then do screen shots of the Library and Develop sidebars, someone might be able to see your problem.

  2. Wendy. Sounds like you are using a metadata preset when importing. When you next import images check the right side of the import screen under ‘Apply During Import’. What does it say under next to Metadata? If it says ‘None’ then my theory is wrong. If it says something else then whatever preset you are using may have ‘Barn Owl’ in the title caption field.

    To stop using the preset just select none from the drop down list.

    If you want to use the preset, eg you have it set up to insert your copyright details then close the import window and click on the ‘Metadata’ menu at the top of the screen. Select ‘Edit Metadata Presets…’. Select your preset from the drop down at the top then delete ‘Barn Owl’ from the caption field and click ‘Done’ at the bottom.

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