Street Retouch Prank


This was mentioned on Sunday and we did link it some time ago but worth another viewing.

Watch this if you haven’t already by  Erik Johansson

And his website

Following on from Sunday, re the Pineapple Pictures could we ask those that were involved to just do a basic edit – no textures etc, of the straight shot and put it up in a gallery , they will be shown at the November meeting.

Exercise Upload and Galleries now open for Pineapples and Street Photography.
A chance to see what we did at the meeting if you wish to download the Power Point

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More News soon.

October Meeting

October Meeting Sunday 16th

Simon and I have made some plans for the coming meeting.  Please bring your camera we need you to take an image or two!

Hopefully more of you still have to upload your Conceptual Image, we will view these, have some  discussion on the “Concept for your Conceptual” your approach and success or failure, you can fail, the idea is to try and learn from that process. Comments can be made and registration closes and voting begins on Wednesday so take a look then.

Exercise Conceptual Photography Entries and Gallery (Open)

Anyone interested in bringing an image or images to discuss, we would really like to hear how people plan, design, set up images, and their success or otherwise. And of course who or what inspires you.

To progress the November meeting please fill in the form to request topics and offer your services to help others. Thank you. Go below to find form and submit.

Members Info Sept/Oct 16

See you Sunday.

Printing and Reflecting

September Meeting

A really interesting comparison between home printing and using an online system got us all thinking and maybe ironed out some preconceptions.  Many were going home to look again at all their settings and maybe improve the way they print their own images. Others were going to save up their pennies to have their images printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art InkJet Paper!  An interesting and thought provoking presentation from Paul Dunmall. We viewed and discussed our Reflection images briefly, you can download the Powerpoint Presentation from the day to see all the images and which were the Top Ten, Under Member Info.

Here is the info about the Exercise for October and where you upload your images, see the Gallery and Vote when the entries are in.

Have added to the Education area in sections and that is where you will find Paul’s Printing Info PDF, will continue to add as and when!

This is now going to be the place to find info about the group and what we have planned for the future as we organise things I will post here, I will continue to post on FB and send brief emails to direct you here.

September Dynamic Range Meeting

The next Meeting of Dynamic Range Sunday 25th September at Barham Village Hall our latest venue, images above.

  • We are planning a discussion on Printing, at home and a comparison with sending images away for printing. Lets see the results.
  • We will have the showing of the Exercise images, voting online will open on 20th September and you have until then to
    upload your 3 images
  • We will have some further discussion and dissection of the Reflection images
  • I would like to invite people, who are willing,  to bring us some of their images and give us a talk, say 15 minutes.  You could be asking for critique or talking about some of your successful images or even showing images you are thinking of using for a distinction.  I am asking for volunteers and will choose two on this first occasion.
  • I would like some frank discussion on “The way forward” for Dynamic Range, it is coming up for a year since we started and we need to all decide the direction we want to take things.
  • News Update and the new Exercise for October

Normality Resumes

The long weeks of summer are over, normality resumes, Camera Club Welcome evening is over, time to settle down and choose what images to enter in Competitions and get back in the flow.

I have had a productive summer with my photography, getting a new lens has inspired me to practise a great deal!  It’s a lensbaby, and with friends we have been “taking the Babies out”

I have had mixed success, but have some images that I really love, a look that I have been trying to capture for years.  Just needed to throw a bit of money at it to achieve the look. Another advantage for those who hate sitting in front of the screen, they look pretty good straight from the camera.

Another thing that I discovered was Adobe Spark Pages  wonderful web style pages. A great way of telling a story and presenting images to share with friends and family, or clients if you are a professional, there is even a facebook group. You can also get mobile apps for your phone and pad and use Lightroom Collections to add images when Mobile!

My Spark Page