November meeting Sunday 20th at Barham Village Hall

Keep the “Street Photography” images flowing in, deadline, Wednesday midnight, all will be shown and discussed on Sunday along with the Pineapple images.  Do have a look and do comment.

We have made plans for Colin, Janine, Paul, Tom, John and Sue to share their processing skills, in both LR and PS, with all of us.  The volunteers will be at tables spread around  two halls and we can move between them  and hopefully all learn something new.

Sonia Dunmall will be showing a panel and if anyone else wishes to share something with us, do let me know for the future.

Simon sent me the following:

Nobody Mentioned the…


After visiting the Chichester Festival Theatre I got talking to another theatregoer who turned out, in a previous life, to have been a photographer working in a little known hard-to-find London portrait studio.


This studio was not only used as a location for taking portraits of the rich and famous but also for the tv media to conduct interviews with some ‘suspect’ individuals who might or might not have been on the side of the angels.


Retired now, my new photographer friend very generously pointed me towards a derelict chapel deep in the woods. Having found the unnamed road and then a place to park the car – always difficult on a single track road – I came across the chapel. BUT as it says at the top: Nobody mentioned the scaffolding!


Would it be worth setting up a DR visit? Should we take a model(s) male/female. It would be at the very least a long day event with a late drive back home…..but let’s us have your thoughts at the November meeting.


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