Simon sent me this, as an interesting download for our group, a stimulating read.

I loved this,

“On January 28, 1966 I have my first date with a man named Eddie. After saying good night and closing my apartment door, I lean against it and say to myself, I’m going to marry that man. Ten months later, I do.

Forty-nine years to the day after that first date, I post a blurry b/w iPhone picture on Instagram with the caption, I am trying to break my addiction to sharp focus. Within months I have taken and posted hundreds of b/w soft-focus iPhone photos of my day-to-day life.

What starts as an artistic and technical challenge soon becomes a new way of seeing. And the lens I use has nothing to do with aperture or ISO and everything to do with the life energies that surround me. During this the third coldest February in Detroit’s history, my husband and our life together at home become my primary focus. Not just what I see but what I feel. What I remember”.

We might just have to change the mindset of critics of our images to accept that “Soft” could be the new “Sharp”!!!!

Here is the PDF of the whole magazine      604-fr-gb   

This could become a project for you? There is a request at the end, as follows,

”  Are you, or do you know a poor rectangular photographer who would like to try their hand at the square format and be published in the magazine? If so, the Square Residencies programme is just what you need. It is free, it lasts three to six months and is open to all, regardless of age, gender or nationality (or photographic gear).”                                                                                                                                                


6 thoughts on “Square”

  1. I really liked most of the square pictures from the magazine “Square”, and the words too.
    There were exceptions, (I seem to be a bit black and white about pictures; excuse the pun), but the ones from India, by Jayanta Roy and the every day objects and common food by Peechaya Burroughs were exceptional.
    Thank you Simon for the inspiration and Melanie for posting.

  2. People – the editor of Square magazine Christophe Dillinger gives talks about the square format and how it can be used. Should I ask him if he will come to Kent? He is based at the University of Wolverhampton so we would have to pay travel and a fee.

  3. I loved all of the images, but especially three, Jayinta Ray on Singalila, Ken Browar & Deborah Ory
    NYC Dance Project and Patricia Lay-Dorsey – Tea for Two. But all very inspirational, mood and thought provoking. Thank you for sharing this concept.

  4. I would also be very happy to pay towards costs for asking Christopher Dillinger to come down – would be very interesting!

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