Water Splash

Sunday 3rd June at Smeeth Scout Hut 10 am to whenever we have had enough!  Don’t forget to bring a packed lunch, and biscuits and coffee and tea will be on tap. Paul Davison is directing the day with Ian Montague’e assistance.

The Address is, map here

Brabourne & Smeeth Scout & Guide Hut
Church Road
TN25 6SA

If you are coming from the A20 the entrance to the car park is on the left, you need to park in the gravel area near the play area & walk down the playing field to the hut at he far end. Only disabled or those with a car full of stuff can drive down to the Hut. The five bar gate will be unlocked but shut, please close it after you if you need to drive down. (So that is just Paul and Ian to drive to the hut)

Paul’s list of what you need to bring: He will bring some old glasses, ice cubes, food colouring and some fruit but if you have anything specific in mind please bring your own, the brighter the better, keeping in mind things might get damaged, so nothing precious!

  • Camera, Batteries, Memory Cards, Tripod and Cable / Remote Release.
  • Lens – Focal length typically around 100mm. Does not have to be specifically in this range – but if significantly shorter then kit may be in the ‘splash zone’. Significantly longer and there may not be space (thinking of numbers in the room). Another problem with the longer lens is that if you are working solo will any cable release reach?
  • Oh – patience, lots of patience as the final image is more about luck than skillset. I don’t use (and neither does Ian) trigger traps, motion detectors etc to trigger the camera / flash. I simply rely on hand-eye-hand coordination.
    I’ve put one of these set-ups together for another group of friends there – can be much amusement (and banter) watching people attempt to get the timing right.
  • If anyone wants to bring laptops and tethering leads we maybe able to sort something.
As Paul says,”It’ll be more about people gaining the knowledge as opposed to achieving salon images, with the knowledge they can go home and practice”  So come and have some fun, bring out the inner child.
See you there bring the wellies!

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