Update from November Meeting

With lots of you missing from the last meeting thought I should send round an update.
It was discussed that we resurrect, the idea we had, for a joint project. Sometime ago we discussed the possibility of recreating ‘Alice in Wonderland’ but other suggestions for a theme will be considered. Simon is spearheading this but he says,
  • ‘What we really need from the group is to make any suggestions for any other ‘Tableau vivant’ topic and to create a list of interested members who want to WORK on the project. Simon, Ian and Tony will help mentor the project but the Group will drive the concept forward. So, at our next meeting, we need to establish: 
  • The Topic for shooting and 
  • The members of the Group”

Please come with your suggestions.


I need your input for the January meeting! Our speaker Dr Barrie Brown is bringing us ‘Looking back through the lens: a psychological study of photographers

Audience participation is required, to that end, please download this survey, supplied by Barrie, follow the instructions and return direct to Barrie by Friday 18th January, but it can be, as soon as you like before Christmas, so you don’t forget. But I will remind you.

Should be fun and an insight into our inner workings!


A Reminder for the December 9th  Meeting please produce an ATMOSPHERIC IMAGE to be critiqued by our Guest Speaker Steve Hedges who is coming to talk on, “Creating Impact and Mood” and has also agreed to run an Afternoon Workshop in Canterbury taking in the Christmas lights and shops with a couple of places still available as of 23/11/19

  • by Colin Young

One thought on “Update from November Meeting”

  1. Love love love the idea of a concept shoot. So up my street.
    Alice in wonderland has been done before but I guess the subject has to be realistic in what we can produce or find costumes for. Are we looking at a a life size set up, or a miniature set up with perhaps dolls house pieces. And if lifesize are we the models in costumes. We would need to consider costs, availability of props etc. I know ashford did a shoot on a circus theme last year.

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