Another meeting is fast approaching, and at the last meeting we had a good discussion on future plans, which I will work to implement from September. But this Sunday the 21st, I have invited Cherry Larcombe to talk to us about Textures, she will share her new talk that she has just started touring the clubs with. Above is one of Cherry’s images.

Cherry freely explains her techniques and am sure there is much to be learnt, for us to utilise in our own processing. I know she will be more than happy to answer any questions. Please either send me or bring with you, an image you have created using textures. It can be one you think is successful or one you need to be critiqued, it will be interesting to see what you are working on.

My other guest, has unfortunately, because of a sudden work commitment, had to send his apologies.

I am working on some other ideas to bring on Sunday.


Talent:- Definition  ‘Someone who has a natural ability to be good at something especially without being taught’.

A paragraph from the discussion started by Richard Walton on KCPA FB,

“I happened to mention that there was concern among some club members that KCPA clubs fare rather poorly in major national events. He suggested, after something over 40 years visiting top clubs, mostly north of Watford, he had come to the conclusion that there was a simple explanation for this. The gist of this was, in his opinion, which is much sort after and respected, due to a lack of the one thing that can’t be taught, which is talent. You either have it or don’t have it to varying degrees”

When visiting and viewing the Exhibition at Faversham surely that showcased a real talent from the photographers in our midst?

Here is an article to read and maybe discuss at our meeting?

Are we encouraging talent, cultivating it, encouraging its development?

Can we do more?


“Photograph things in the way you feel is right, not the way you think you ought to.”

“Photograph things you really care about, things that really interest you, not things you feel you ought to do.”

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