Sunday 19th March

This sounds a bit like we are trying to achieve!

Found this on Facebook today, look her up to see her work!

TWELVE MONTHS ago today I formed the Cre8ing Images Facebook Group which now has 50 active members ( with people on a waiting list wanting to join). The group was set up to critique uploaded work, help develop ideas, learn Photoshop/Corel Painter skills and generally help improve the members photography. Many of the images that were critiqued and then reworked have gone on be awarded medals in national and international competitions/exhibitions. Every member adds to the group and will always give more than they take.

I have recorded and posted videos, personally help mentor some of the members and every month set ‘homework” on a chosen subject which I feel will enhance the members skills.

Now I have decided to take Cre8ing Images to another level and intend to have a group meeting for those people who are interested in being part of a proactive, self supporting, forward thinking, helpful group of photographers.

We will meet in Warrington once a month and critique each others work, demonstrate photoshop skills to each other in order to pass on knowledge and to go out as a group on photographic expeditions. This is EXACTLY what we have been doing for the last 12 months via Facebook but this time we will meet in person and not over the Internet.

The group will NOT be entering any competitions, it is NOT a club – that is NOT and has NOT been the purpose of Cre8ing Images – its simply to interact with like minded people on a monthly basis to discuss and swop ideas and skills.

Sunday March 19th

Janine has a prepared a presentation on Compositing to show us.  Her articulate commentary when she explained Luminosity masks was very easy to follow and understand, so I am sure we will all learn from this lesson too. There will be time for questions too.

The F Word

Don’t forget the F Word already some entries have been uploaded get clicking!

Why Photographers Don’t Get Modern Art

I shared this on KCPA FB, hopefully, to get a discussion going, but it has fizzled out, as someone said, “FB is mostly full of rubbish, its sad that such a topical and informative article does not spark debate”

It carries on from our thoughts on the Lens Culture images at the February meeting. Perhaps you might have an opinion to share on FB.

Why Photographers Don’t Get Modern Art

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