Stir Crazy Prevention Tasks

Some ideas and  exercises for anyone who wants to get involved during the long hours of possible Lockdown! Such a great opportunity to learn new skills, practise new methods and tidy up your files and archive.  I have great plans that’s of course until I go ‘Stir Crazy’

  1. Just extract this bicycle from the picture and place on a white background and send a layered photoshop file with the whole bicycle on one layer to Simon,

Best one gets a bottle of virtual wine.

  1. Here is a Photo Quiz for you,  let us know your percentage. Then a course you might like to follow.
  1. The Course it’s free

Many of you possibly subscribe to Colin Smith

But here are some very new links you might have missed, lots to learn, I have!

  1. Changing Colours
  1. Reflections
  1. 18 Hidden Tips in PS
  1. 30 Stupidly Useful PS Tips


Yesterday I enjoyed playing with double exposures on my Iphone using Hipstamatic, some of my results with ‘those’ flowers.

Thank you for your good wishes to Michael, we are still waiting for the call!

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