September, we’re back!

I am struggling somewhat with my computer which is being very troublesome. So am doing this from my IPad!

Where did those Summer Months disappear to?  Well they went too quickly for me and I discover that the Dynamic Range September is only a week away.

But I do have a plan, I have invited Gary Stamp and Phil Hedley to talk to us about their style of Photography.  Phil will be joining him and they will show us how they set up their lighting for their style of nature shots.  They may bring along a few ‘beasties’ but they tell me unfortunately they are not looking their best and the frog is too ‘hoppy’ but undoubtedly we will all learn lots from their commentary and demonstration, although it might not be the type of photography that we are familiar with.

Here is an article about Gary

It should be good, they are a talented pair and belong to Gateway Club.

Please can you bring back any borrowed books that you still have in your possession.

Do feel free to show us any images for collective critique, do bring along your prospective winners to inspire and encourage the re st of us.

Hope to see you next Sunday.

One thought on “September, we’re back!”

  1. Hello Melanie,
    we are back in body but head still not quite arrived yet. Luggage full of sand, sleeping bag left in Namibia with lots more sand.
    Are we bringing our macro lens and tripod ?
    See you soon,

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