Polina’s Workshop 18th February

This post is aimed at those who have signed up and paid for the workshop on the 18th February. For those who missed the opportunity, sorry and normal meetings for all resume on March 18th.

Just a couple of weeks to go for the long awaited workshop with Polina!

I will outline the plan for the day and suggestions for equipment to bring with you. The workshop will not actually begin until 11 am as Polina is travelling by train from London.

  • Tea and coffee available on arrival and throughout the day
  • Polina will start with a projected presentation in our usual room
  • Move into hall where lights have been setup
  • There will be four setups, Polina will briefly explain each technique while we all watch
  • Then we will divide participants into small groups of 8 and let them  rotate between sets
  • At each set there will be a few people shooting, a few waiting to work on this set and Polina will be moving between the sets in more or less the same order spending 10 minutes at least with each group of participants
  • There would be an opportunity for people to view their images projected via the laptop in the small room
  •  At the end of the day, Polina may have time to talk about how she goes about the post processing of her images
  • Things to bring: Camera, Lenses, tripod and trigger for lights if you have one and Packed Lunch (See below for Polina’s recommendations re equipment)

I would suggest that for ICM and multiple exposure the longer lens is the better, ideally 100mm. For still life medium zoom range would be fine, 50mm-80mm would probably be the best, but as we have plenty of space to step back from set ups the same 100mm could also be used. I wouldn’t recommend a wider angle lenses as they tend to have more pronounced distortion and you will be forced to step closer to set up. Flash triggers will be useful and certainly tripods for still life and for multiple exposure.

Hope everyone is looking forward to learning and practising these techniques with the added encouragement from Polina!

If you suddenly decide you can’t now attend, please let me know, as we have some waiting to join us.

See you on the 18th, we will be there early, so arrive at normal time for catchup and chat.

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