Photoshoot with Bex

Guitars topped the list of props that arrived to the photoshoot, I think it totalled 4, along with a small harp. A garden hose, galvanised watering can, suitcase and two teddies were amongst the other props brought along to be included in people’s shots.

As always ideas on paper, and timings planned, work seamlessly, however in reality and with the time disappearing fast, things can go a bit haywire.  However as with all these things, there is much to be learnt and numerous  ideas to be taken away for future use, even just by watching others.  I believe that most of the photographers would have gone away with a shot or two they were happy with, and using some imaginative processing ideas will come up with some gems. The idea behind this event was to let you experience a live shoot with a professional model, at a modest cost, and find out what is possible.  I think the experience took away some of the fear that many of us have in talking, and communicating with a model, and expressing the ideas we are trying to achieve.  But Bex was such a joy to work with, putting everyone at ease and assisting us all so much.  She was just as keen for us to get the shots we envisaged and really helped in the process. The ensuing gallery of pics stems from Paul’s concept for his shot, using Simon’s parachute, of course Simon owns a parachute don’t you all have one in your loft?  This was implemented by group involvement, with a ladder and a wind blower and a brave model. We hope Paul got the shot he envisaged and then we all got a minute or so to take some shots ourselves.

We hope it gave you a taster of what is possible, gave you a desire to have another go, perhaps, in a one to one with a model, hire some studio space with one or two others, or borrow some of our lights and have a go at home.

I said to Simon, once he has recharged his batteries and regained his energy, we will look back on a great day, and like childbirth, when we have forgotten about the labouring, we might do it again! His reply, was, being a man he hasn’t a clue about childbirth! Simon worked so hard to give everybody a great experience, it was really appreciated by all present.

Thanks to Sue Chapman for the behind the scenes shots and fun titling!

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