October Meeting

October Meeting Sunday 16th

Simon and I have made some plans for the coming meeting.  Please bring your camera we need you to take an image or two!

Hopefully more of you still have to upload your Conceptual Image, we will view these, have some  discussion on the “Concept for your Conceptual” your approach and success or failure, you can fail, the idea is to try and learn from that process. Comments can be made and registration closes and voting begins on Wednesday so take a look then.

Exercise Conceptual Photography Entries and Gallery (Open)

Anyone interested in bringing an image or images to discuss, we would really like to hear how people plan, design, set up images, and their success or otherwise. And of course who or what inspires you.

To progress the November meeting please fill in the form to request topics and offer your services to help others. Thank you. Go below to find form and submit.

Members Info Sept/Oct 16

See you Sunday.

2 thoughts on “October Meeting”

    1. Agreed. Enjoyed the meeting.

      Especially enjoyed seeing Steven’s photos. Seeing other members’ photos outside of a competitive environment is one of the good things about this group. I’m hoping to be able to join Steve if he organises a group to go to Cove. Not somthing I would have considered before.

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