November 19th Meeting

The plans for the next meeting are coming together, I don’t get many suggestions, so the dictatorial democracy lives on ! However  Paul Dunmall has come forward with an idea, we will be running a Mock Three Person’ Judgement’ on some images supplied, using hand sets!  Those who play computer games and are very quick on the uptake might make good volunteers to drive the keypads!  It should prove an interesting exercise, to see which images stand out when only viewed for seconds, and to see if our results align with others.

Following on from how  our Facebook Page ‘After and Before’ works, Janine and Sue Chapman have agreed to do some projected Processing on some of your images, to see how they would go about processing them in their style.  But we will not be sitting back and just watching, audience participation will be encouraged!

More news will be available for  the Polina Plotnikova workshop on February 18th 2018, the halls have been booked.

If anyone would like to offer an image for Sue and Janine to work on please send one to me.

Do always bring images in for group critique, prints seem to work better for this.  I had some assessed and then binned them, only joking!

Hope to see you on the 19th

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