November 18th Meeting

It was decided that the November meeting would be set aside for improving Processing skills, and sharing skills with each other. Sue Chapman will be there to assist and show us some things in detail but it was thought that a ‘Hands On’ session would be the most useful.  So please bring your laptops with you. Sue has devised a challenge ahead of time, to bring with you and let us all know what you did, the Challenge and Rules below!

This is Sue’s Challenge

In the Dynamic Range shared dropbox folder you will find a selection of photos for your challenge this month. (If you are not sharing this let me know and I will add you)  Or if you prefer here is a Wetransfer Link to the images.

The rules are simply as follows:

You must produce a composite by:

  1. Selecting one of the three “scape” images as your base image
  2. Selecting at least two of the other images and use them in conjunction with your base “scape” image
  3. You may in addition use any other photos of your own to enhance your composite
  4. You may use the same base image or select another if you wish to produce more than one composite
  5. Have fun and experiment
  6. Upload to a data stick and bring with you on the next meet day in November or upload to the dropbox folder with your name and challenge title

John will be setting up some items for us to make brushes, he will briefly show us how!

Simon will be bringing a new idea which he will explain to us and this will be for completion in 2019

A Reminder for the December 9th  Meeting please produce an ATMOSPHERIC IMAGE to be critiqued by our Guest Speaker Steve Hedges

See some of you next Sunday?

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