Names needed

April Meeting

Model Photoshoot, More details and discussion at April meeting once we have more ideas of numbers, am sure there will be much to learn even if you just come as a spectator.

April 28th coincides with ‘Five Going Wild in Dorset’ (Wendy’s Workshop) and a Judge’s Huddle at Detling, so some faces will be missing!

Please come with Cameras and if you have one, a 50mm lens, and one other lens. You will be sent outside with a subject and a time limit. We can then look at the results. Time for a little processing if you want to bring a laptop. Prize for the most creative shot as voted by US!

Creeping Censorship a couple of things to read about this subject, might it affect photography in the future because of people’s sensibilities?

Social Media doesn’t want you to see Rubens Paintings!

Is this the start of creeping censorship

H E L P 
On a different topic does anyone have access to dry cleaning at a reasonable price? Simon has got married so often that he now has 4 wedding dresses ! ! ! ! He would like to get them cleaned but every dry cleaner he walks into says that they are all 6 layers of tulle and silk at 142 yards per dress therefore the cost is 852 yards at £1 per yard equals £852 pounds to clean ! ( All figures are rounded up to make the point ! )

See you on the 28th.

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