Names needed

At the recent meeting, our forthcoming Model Workshop, May 26th, was discussed and names taken for those who are interested in coming along.

For those not able to be there, here are the details, and a short form to complete and submit if you wish to join in. It’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation, we need the numbers before we can make a plan. But people want to know how it will work and how much it will cost and what the plan is!

Two things are fixed, we have booked the hall for the day and have booked Becs, our model. Dependant on numbers we will divi up the time so everyone gets an opportunity with the model one to one. But again number dependant you might get several opportunities in a rotation. We will use some funds, from the groups balance, to help finance the day, so making it affordable for all.

ALSO please remember participants need to bring, an ODD prop, larger than 12 inches in length and/or height – but we do not want picture frames, vases or typical prop items …eg. whose going to bring a saddle?

Think outside that Prop Box!

If you want to be included in the plans for the day Please complete the form

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