Meeting on September 23rd

 Eastbourne Pier by Jack Taylor
I am guilty of writing too much in a post and some of you may not have seen details, at the bottom of the last one, about our next meeting, so here I am being repetitive.  There is a brief for images needed, which will form part of the meeting, so we do need some participation.  Please bring them on a pendrive as I think that will be easier, as you need to bring your starting image and the finished result, you can even have two attempts!  I look forward to catching up with lots of you on the 23rd.
September 23rd Meeting

Jack Taylor will be visiting us for our September meeting. Jack enjoys making images and his speciality is ‘Abstracts’ he is coming to talk to us about this genre of photography.

I asked Jack to give us a brief for us to create some images to show him, here it is and hope that it gives you a project to complete over the next few weeks.

Brief for Dynamic Range Group

The Creativity of Nature – The Nature of Creativity


Nature itself can produce some wonderful images. We can as photographers record these wonderful scenes as they exist but we can also add extra value by putting our own spin on things. An individual interpretation which extends our vision and hopefully encourage the viewers of our resultant images to see the world differently.


The Brief

Look for and photograph a variety of scenes from nature – close-ups, medium or long shots – whatever takes your fancy. Produce a ‘straight’ image of your scene(s) and then use your processing skills to reinterpret the result – do not play safe but push the image to its boundaries.


The Presentation

Project both the original ‘straight’ image and also your chosen best processed

re-interpretation of the scene. If time permits it would be good to see two images from each photographer.


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