March 24th

A brief idea of the plans for our next get together!

Please bring with you a book on Photography that you are willing to loan for a month. Your favourite photographer, a book that inspires you, one that has taught you things or just one containing stunning images, we can then circulate them and enjoy looking at them until the April meeting. It could even be a self published book !

All you want to know about Websites for Photography! Well not everything of course! There will be a discussion about websites, various types, simple, complex, Amateur, Professional, pricy and free. We’ll talk about their merits and self promotion. We will also have some examples of members sites for you to see. I am sure we will hear about the pitfalls and the successes of creating an online presence.

The Story of a Photoshoot, from the germ of an idea to the finished image!!!

We hope to bring you an illustrated talk about this experience, hopefully showing how ‘Projects’ can be a great experience, a learning curve explorative and great fun!

Forward planning discussion for the booked Model Photoshoot on May 26th

Look forward to seeing you there.

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