Introducing Sam

Sam our model for the day.

Just to bring you up to date with what’s happening at the next Dynamic Range meeting, I know some of you have told me you are not attending, but for those that are, here are the details.

The aim of the day, which will start at 11am, giving us time to set up, and going through to 4pm, is primarily to learn how to set up lighting for a model.
We will use a simple background and simple stool for the model to sit on and then try to demonstrate the different styles of lighting that can be achieved with a single light, how the light changes when the distance from the model is changed and when the style of modifier is changed.

Ian, Tony and Paul will be sharing their skills with us and then we will all be given a chance of some individual time with Sam to try out the techniques we have learnt. We will then see if we have been paying attention!

We hope to have triggers for various camera makes but if you have one bring it with you. Also if you have any special props, scarves, hats do bring them along too.

Bring a packed lunch with you but as normal drinks and biscuits will be on tap all day. It should be a fun learning day and thanks to Ian, Tony and Paul for organising all the equipment. Anyone who hasn’t said they are coming you are still welcome to add your name to the list. The cost for those attending is £8.50 per person to help finance the model. See you next Sunday, ready to start at 11am.

Our model Sam

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