Ideas for contemplation, inspiration and invention!

Image by Cameron Spencer 2017, 2nd prize singles, Sports

(one for you Sandy)

World Press Photos 2017

All the winners and riders here plus what and what is not allowed re photo adjustments for this competition.

World Press

The Pen Tool

Remembering that the pen is mightier than the sword this Photoshop tool is worth conquering!  Try this video:

February Exercise

Turning to Eileens calendar for inspiration this idea is based on the first letter of the month of February. Please produce a picture entitled:

F is for……

So anything beginning with F is your task and your picture should be entered with a one word title (eg. Food) of the item/subject you have photographed.

Advanced Composting

When it’s done really well it can be fantastic. This guy Romain Laurent not only does it in still photographs but also for tv adverts.

Romain Laurent

His still images, that move, are called cinemagraphs: Photos that move.
This is how to make your own:

Thank you Simon for the content.

and one from me and NO Photoshop involved, but many other skills needed to create these images

Katrina Plotnikova


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