Went searching for DeHaze and couldn’t find it! I knew where it should be, but it had disappeared!  A Lightroom update has now placed it in the Basic Panel, much easier, thank you Adobe.

I am looking forward to Janine’s presentation on Brushes, there are many uses for them in your workflow especially when ‘making’ images.  They are some lovely quality ones available in LR and Janine will show us where to find them, how to load others and lots more, as well as how to make your own.  If you have an image where you have already used brushes to create a picture either upload it or bring in your print for us to see.  Please also bring images in for others to critique, it can be a useful process to get other opinions.

Looking ahead, I have booked Steve Hedges for an early December meeting.  Polina gave me Steve’s name, she had just returned from a photographic Venice trip with him, and found his teaching methods and ability to pass on his knowledge excellent. Look at his website and what he offers.  I have booked him for a combined trip to Folkestone C C so he will be with us for the whole day. I will be asking you for ideas of the format for the day.

See you Sunday.

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