Happy Christmas

Christmas Thought
Christmas full of thought, thoughtfulness in the giving, rather than the gift. R Hancock

Thank you to those who came last Sunday, I thought it was a successful start to sharing PS and LR skills.  Many thanks to Janine, Tom, Colin, John and Paul for sharing their knowledge with others and hope that you learnt at least one new idea.  Once I get any links to software etc mentioned on Sunday, I will post under Education on here. Colin’s is now under LR and Janine under PS, more might follow.

The December/ January Exercise is the Mannequin challenge, I will set the website upload after Christmas so you can post the images. See HERE for help with the task.

Also if you have made an attempt at  ‘Composting” do let’s have a look at the results at the January meeting.  John Long is going to give us a short demonstration on how he does it.

Happy Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the New Year.



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