Happy 2017

So the start of another year, let’s hope it’s productive in lots of ways.

Here are two ideas to keep you inspired and perhaps get the creative ideas flowing,  A Calendar from Eileen and a Picture idea generator from Simon, so no excuses now!

I have added dates to the calendar for the next 6 months until we break for the summer holidays.  So to our meeting on Sunday, unfortunately John who was to show us some Composting, is now unable to make the meeting so that will have to come at a later date. But do come and find the meaning of Oramagraphy and the Gestalt Theory, Tom Lloyd will enlighten us!!!!

Graham Miles is going to show some of his work to us, I believe he does some composting. Also I will be showcasing images by Sandy Tolhurst in the form of a short audio visual made by another of our members Sonja Hoxey.

With time constraints in previous meetings, we have neglected showing our exercise images so we will do that and discuss some further events, exercises and plans for meetings until June.

Please upload any Mannequin Challenge images or your own composting experiments to the website using the upload on the website or email them to me.

Also some might like to combine the meeting with the cycle meeting at Bettshanger. http://www.londonxleague.co.uk/2016/08/round-11-mon-26th-dec/

Look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

FCC Events you might be interested in attending

Evening with Rod Wheelans and Anne Greiner  6th February

APM One to One Sessions  7th February

and from the Canterbury Photographic Society Programme

Creative Landscape by Vanda Ralevsca 29th March

As Dawn Greets the Day by Vanda


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