Future Plans and Dates for the Diary

On Sunday, what could have turned out to be a disaster, turned into a surprisingly well attended and entertaining meeting.  Thank you, for uploading your images, which we enjoyed viewing, with some comments forthcoming. We were then treated to a humorous chat from Simon, relating to the planning of a  photoshoot, his love affair with fishing line, and his burgeoning wardrobe of ladies dresses. Much laughter but admiration for his seeing eye and his thinking ‘outside the box’ Here is a selection of his Underwater series to fill you with envy, all in Camera, apart from some photoshopping with the Portholes, entitled The Submariners View.

On a sad note, we had to say farewell to Paul and Sonia, who are moving past Watford, hoping to improve their photography by going up North!!! Joking apart, Paul has a promotion in his job and they are going to relocate to the Lake District.  They have promised to find a house with guest bedrooms and will be happy to provide a bed and a base for anyone interested in going up for some photography.  They have both proved to be a great support, providing the catering, looking after the monies and generally assisting at meetings. We will miss them.  I think Paul will be in a position to do some remote Club judging, once he gets settled.

I am making plans for the next two meetings, more on that in a week or two, but have booked the Scout Hut at Smeeth, for the 3rd June, for the High Speed Splash Photography directed by Paul Davison.  This will be the last meeting before I take a break for July and August, resuming in September. We could, perhaps, arrange a meal at the local pub, for those interested, to round the day off?

We have another dilemma regarding projection.  I have a desktop Mac and Ipad so do without a laptop, so the technology we have, with regard to both the computer and projector, are now very dated. Slow and old!  Any thoughts? Paul had showed willingness to use his but is now moving away.

Just a reminder about the RPS event Capture to Print at Maidstone on Sunday 8th April, advisable to book tickets I think.

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