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The Candid Frame #124 – Michael Freeman

‘You can’t  depend on your eyes if your imagination is out of focus’. Mark Twain

I have been avidly dipping in and out of Simon’s book that he lent me to look at, ’50 Paths to Creativity’. So much so that I have now purchased my own copy along with another book by Michael Freeman, The Photographers Eye.  A great buy, a few quotes that capture the essence of his thinking,

‘Creativity with a camera it’s a balancing act, it means engaging with life and with unpredictable events. Capturing moments’.

‘But it also means doing this with a personal flair. Your own way of thinking and seeing. There are ways of bringing out the creativity, bringing it to the light’.

 ‘Practical ways that you can follow. Paths in fact! He then shows 50 Paths!

The contentious subject of Judging is never far from our lips and our friend Robert Canis has covered this subject on his blog this week, many of you follow him, but for those that don’t here is the link to his website, always has interesting articles included. Here is an extract,

A couple of weeks ago I was notified that I was awarded a Commended in this year’s Landscape Photographer of the Year competition with my image of a magpie inkcap. “That’s not landscape,” I hear you cry! And, of course, in the literal sense you’d be correct but there are numerous categories in which to enter and this one was in the Your View category. 

The winning photograph of starlings swirling around in front of Brighton’s West Pier is a wonderful example of capturing an often photographed scene in a very unique manner. It, like most winning entries, has polarised opinion which can only be a good thing. There were many on social media stating that it wasn’t a landscape but a seascape or that the photograph must has been taken by mistake since the birds were out of focus. Everyone is, of course, entitled to their opinion but why can’t people just congratulate and be happy for the person that was awarded? These are the jealous kind with far too much time on their hands and would only be happy if a ‘syrupy’ sunset of Durdle Door had won! I think it’s a quite brilliant image and wish more would think laterally and resist conforming to the norm. Well done to the judges for going against the grain. View the Winners HERE

We are trying to ‘go against the grain’ in Dynamic Range, to step out of the box but we must continue to have confidence in our own images, whatever others think.  If you are competitive, some of the judges, on the circuit, do often choose  images that are that bit different, put yourself in their shoes, seeing hundreds or thousands of images, they will be excited by one that stands out in the crowd, ‘put them out there’ and see! We are having a local artist to Critique our images on Monday at Folkestone,  we are looking forward to hearing his comments from a different perspective.

I enjoy watching the Landscape Artist of the Year on Sky Arts, and on that programme too, the Judges, are also making very brave choices on their favorites, to take through to the finals, definitely not the Choc Box  Paintings!!!

Just to be controversial, check this out, The winner of the RPS Fellowship Panel of the Year.

What is your Purpose when making images? What floats your boat?

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Editorial from others always welcome, but until I receive any, it’s just my ramblings!


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