Following on from Janine’s talk last week, here is a link to two images she has provided, so you have a choice. It’s the dreaded Dropbox so please just copy the images, don’t move them.

This is what Janine said,

How about a tree stump as a subject? You could put something on it, make it into a house by putting windows in it, use it in a landscape etc.  It’s easy to cut out for those less confident. Its surprisingly hard to think of a subject that is inspiring but easy for beginners. 

I don’t know if the dragon balloon is too difficult.  I have used it successfully in an image.  I have cut it out and put it on a black background to make it easier to do a quick selection with the magic wand to remove the black to use it in an image. 

So for anyone that wants to have a play, upload your images for Janine to comment on. Have created a place on the website, Janine’s Challenge

For everyone the Exercise for April is a Self Portrait

Inspiration, lets get wacky!


Of course after writing the last post, on Conceptual if anyone wants to talk about their next concept, their thoughts ideas and plans, would be happy to give you a spot.

‘After and Before’ Facebook Page been up a week, lots of traffic, interesting images and comments. Please ask me if you wish to be added as its a Private Group.

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