A good meeting yesterday, hope you found it informative?

Thanks to Tom and Simon for your presentations and the time and effort put into the preparation.

Thank you Paul for facilitating our discussion and to all present for your ideas and suggestions, it will be helpful when planning meetings for the future months, I will keep you informed.

Exercise for June, your ‘General Election Image’, any aspect of the buildup, the day, the candidates, but be careful don’t get arrested!

Where will your X go?

Plan to follow for May meeting.

Links from yesterday supplied by Simon

Shoot tethered – but don’t buy from this site. All kit overpriced but free on topic pdf downloads


Glyn Dewis LUTs video


Some of the photographic exhibitions running in London at the moment



Two photographers ( thanks to Tom for the first link) and ‘composters’…..two different styles…..but two pages of real composting….a lot to learn i think…..


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