Dynamic Range October

October is a symphony of permanence and change.

For our October meeting (Sunday 27) it’s become necessary to call an Extraordinary Dynamic Range meeting. We would really appreciate it if you could come along and help us shape our 2020 programme.

This all sounds very formal but with over 9 meetings to organise each year it is very hard to guarantee a programme of different events – different from normal camera club speakers and topics – if we are unable to guarantee numbers attending.

We would like to invite external speakers / models and experts who exist but command fees of up to £300 pounds per day.  This is impossible to do when DR members tell us that they would like to attend but might be busy on the day(s) selected for the event.

While we all live busy lives, the better the speaker, the harder to book, and no way can we book without the financial certainly that the costs for fees/hall etc. are covered pre-event.

We are an enthusiastic and talented small group of people and I think the word ‘small’ perhaps sums up some of the problems.  With so many of you busy with other things, and travelling lots, means, the sometimes, small number attending, risks the viability of the group.  Not just the financial viability, but the balance of effort against attendance numbers.

Things to think about for 2020 that we can discuss and formulate ideas for the future :

• A less formal meeting frequency / place, more of a get together ?

• Set number of speaker/model event with an additional cost to pay for meeting / workshop / shoot?

• Project based get togethers where we commit the time and money to ALL work on putting a themed shoot together etc ?

• Connect with RPS and bring more Workshops to this area, would    probably have to share with outsiders

. Etc Etc

It does become more difficult to come up with ideas and my singular efforts sometimes fall short as my plans don’t come to fruition. So the October DR is one of those worryingly blank days but following our discussion we can move onto my ideas below.

Phonography, Iphonography or Images taken with your phone?

Phonography – Did you know there is a Britney Spears song about it? Read the lyrics but doesn’t mention the Photography aspect once, just innuendo about pushing buttons! The written Definition doesn’t cover it either , talk of ‘sound writing’ and ‘shorthand’. So a made up word that doesn’t quite work!

Iphonography-I have always wanted to call it Iphonography, as I have an Iphone but apparently not everyone does, so that’s wrong too. What Is iPhoneography, Anyways? Something for you to read.

Images taken with a phone– Says it all but not sexy or concise!

The Plan:-1. Extraordinary discussion

The Plan:-2. Take and use phone apps to produce a Creative Image

You have two weeks to take and make your image, can it be new work please. Sorry to exclude those who don’t have this sort of phone! Bring your image on a pendrive or email to me. Please be ready to describe how you processed it and share your favourite app that you use to make images.

The Plan:-3. Bring an Image for discussion, critique or just to show what you are doing

Some of you were ready at the previous meeting, you will be first in the Queue!

The Plan:- 4. Simon will share something interesting with us!
The Plan:- 5. Eat cake, drink coffee and chat

Hope to see lots of you on the 27th.

One thought on “Dynamic Range October”

  1. Hi Melanie and fellow photographers,

    Unfortunately I am one of those that cannot regularly make meetings and this is set to become worse from now on as I am opening a small photographic gallery in Folkestones’ old high street and Sunday will be a day I will be open. I am more than happy to join in and pay more to come to one off events and shoots.

    If you are interested in selling your images as printed work through the gallery please contact me for further details on 07718537993. The gallery is for the benefit of the many brilliant photographers in Kent . Avril

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