September Dynamic Range Meeting

The next Meeting of Dynamic Range Sunday 25th September at Barham Village Hall our latest venue, images above.

  • We are planning a discussion on Printing, at home and a comparison with sending images away for printing. Lets see the results.
  • We will have the showing of the Exercise images, voting online will open on 20th September and you have until then to
    upload your 3 images
  • We will have some further discussion and dissection of the Reflection images
  • I would like to invite people, who are willing,  to bring us some of their images and give us a talk, say 15 minutes.  You could be asking for critique or talking about some of your successful images or even showing images you are thinking of using for a distinction.  I am asking for volunteers and will choose two on this first occasion.
  • I would like some frank discussion on “The way forward” for Dynamic Range, it is coming up for a year since we started and we need to all decide the direction we want to take things.
  • News Update and the new Exercise for October

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