Dates for the Diary

We had a good  November meeting, and think that the content was quite thought provoking.  Thank you to Paul for introducing us to the process of assessing images at speed.  I think it surprised many how quickly we all do assess a projected image, and make an impulsive decision on its merits. Of the 70 images shown very few found favour with all three of the assessors  giving the same score.  I think it endorses the feeling felt by many that 3 Judges are preferable to one to even out prejudices towards certain types of image. We plan to do it again with a selection of our own images, should be interesting to see the results from that.

Thanks go again to our PS Wizards, Janine and Sue Chapman who showed us ways that they might enhance an ordinary image, perhaps  taking it up a notch or two? They waved a magic Photoshop brush and even produced sun beams! I certainly went away with some ideas and new skills to create an image from several parts.  The only thing I don’t think they can teach me, is finding the ‘wood for the trees’ I have thousands of images but find the decision hard to make, that of which of them have the most potential!

Thank you for the ideas suggested for the next few months, which I will outline below.

10th December

  • Christmas card images
  • Bring the favourite image of 2017 that you have captured, PDI or Print
  • Eat a Mince Pie


21st January 2018

  • Photo Walk in London


18th February

  • Workshop with Polina (Full ) No normal meeting


18th March

  • Review of London Walk Images
  • Three Person Assessment of Images


22nd  April

  • More Photoshop

Will send out a reminder few days before the 10th and have added the next RPS DIG meeting to the DR calendar on here.

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