Dancing Flowers

Dancing Anthurium by Polina

Well, lots of us “Danced with Flowers with Polina, and had a thoroughly good time, lots of positive feedback, one, wrote, “What a great way to spend a Sunday”  It certainly was, but sometimes, its a concern for me, that all will go well and tempest and flood will not interrupt the plans.  But all went well and it seems to be that you do enjoy the hands on workshops.  There are plans being made for more.

So moving on, I am facilitating a London Walk with Dave Mason for a Street Photography Workshop.  The walk lasts approximately 5-6 hours including a break along the way. The cost, as ever dependant on 8 people signing up and paying up front, will be £15 each,  added to that, your cost to get to London, by your chosen mode of transport.  The problem will be agreeing a date!  Dave prefers a Saturday but is willing to do a week day. So here is a form to show interest and preferred day, when I have that info I can get back to Dave for some dates.  Then I will open the list to those interested and we may make up 2 groups on different dates.


If you have reached this point, please send me two images from Sunday that I can use to create a Polina Inspired Gallery on the Website.

More news on March meeting to follow in a week or two.

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