Be inspired for January and Beyond

Landscape by Pierre Pellegrini

Following on from the meeting on Sunday, here are details and links for exercises for upcoming meetings and things of interest.

Composting upload has been extended, please have a go at something, we need to know what you find difficult and maybe we can assist within the group.  Graham will be demonstrating the PEN TOOL at the February meeting.  But we would like to hear from you if there is a particular single tool in PS you would like explained in detail. Please email me at

Exercise (please do a soon as possible!)

Please go to the link below and scroll down until you find a picture you DO NOT like then click on it. Once you have opened the larger picture right click and save it along with the title. Send picture and Title to simon.projects putting Lens Culture Picture in the subject bar. Thank you.



by Charles Ellena (this is not my “not Liked One”)

Street photography

Here is more info about what is and what is not a street photograph.  How did you shape up?….I, for one , totally failed ie….nothing can be posed, prepared,
pre-considered in a way that destroys the immediacy of the moment! Ha!!!


You raved and you will rave again

…….when you view the simplicity of the landscape photographs of Pierre Pellegrini in the latest edition of Square magazine. Do download the PDF as it’s full of interesting contemporary images…take the plunge, be inspired and go create your own take on these pictures……..enjoy



Image by Todd Bradley

Info to follow about February meeting on the 19th.

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