Angus Came and Went

Storm Force by Kevin Harvey FCC

Many apologies for the late cancellation of the DR meeting on Sunday. Living no more than 100 yards from the sea, in storms we are continually buffeted by the strength of the wind, our little house creaks and groans in protest.  After a sleepless night and checking the forecast Angus was expected to reach its peak at 9 am just as lots of you would be leaving to travel to Barham and at 8 am I considered it prudent to cancel.  As the travel was non essential I thought it better to not put people at risk of fallen trees and flying debris. Then the wind dropped and the sun shone at 9.30 and I felt I had perhaps over reacted but the decision had been made. Angus came and went early. Also I am married to ‘The Voice of Doom’

So to move on, all will be carried forward to the December 18th meeting, hoping all the tutors are still available? With one addition, mince pies and stollen, hoping you are not fed up with them by then!

Advance warning for the Dec challenge – for over Christmas, for the January meeting – it is to produce a Mannequin shot… look it up on Google! But here is a link for you

Have added some new interesting links to ‘Education Links of Interest’ some added by me and one from Jenny Monk.

Please could you go and vote for the Street Photography Exercise, keeping this in mind,”A good street photograph depicts the ordinary in an extraordinary way”


One thought on “Angus Came and Went”

  1. Stunning image, and, with the extra element, a Seagull. Look forward to the 18th.
    Thanks for the links, Melanie.

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