And Pigs Might Fly!

“The subject of education, encouragement and individual personal development essentially lies with each Associate Club, whilst new and innovative ideas will always be supported by the Federation as far as reasonably possible, it is not the sole responsibility of the Federation to undertake this task”

So this is the official declaration from the KCPA Committee, having asked them, what ideas they might have as to how we might raise our game in the Federation.

Although, not an Associate club, under their jurisdiction, it is an affirmation,  that the route and direction that Dynamic Range have adopted, attempts to advance our individual development. But the KCPA, do say that, “they will hopefully be able to inspire and enthuse” !  How? Take a deep breath and……..

So now we have it and that is the last I will say on the subject ever!!!!

Serious Business now and to our July 2nd meeting.

Please bring your camera there will be three objects to photograph. In anyway you want. Take your shots away and composite (include) your shots into a 2017 Christmas card ready for our next meeting in September.

Perspective Tool

Anyone out there who can show us how to master this tool in Photoshop?

Photoshop tool or tip

Please come armed with a photoshop tool or tip that you can explain. The smallest thing will be of interest.


We are trying to build a database of Suppliers, Services and Software  (SSS) that members can refer to when trying to consider prices and where to locate items.

Can all members bring a reference (website address) and tell us about any particular SSS that they feel is good for discussion on Sunday. 

Images for Critique

Always feel free bring an image for critique or to share with us.

Election Image

Did you get one?  The upload is ready to receive them.  If you weren’t lucky you might get another chance soon!

Personal Goals and Mentoring

Set some goals? A possible plan!

I promise you a dark and dingy day weather wise, so see you on the 2nd!

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