An Interesting Read

Many of you receive this publication shown above, but some don’t. It’s one of the publications you get as a member of the DIG Special Interest Group of the RPS. DR members feature in it! A secret is out of the bag, information has now been leaked, but nobody is to be sacked on this occasion! I see that Janine Ball is now ARPS.

Well done Janine thoroughly deserved, but we now need to see the Panel! Mistaken Identity one of Janine’s clever composites.

Good fun was had at the Chilham Horse Trials, some of the resulting images my favourites from those posted so far on FB which not all of you see. Just hover over the image to see who took them.

All going to plan with the Model Photoshoot, will email all those whose names I have with full details and timings. Remember to find your unusual props! Looking forward to a fun day. Anyone else interested just email me please.

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