A good street photograph depicts the ordinary in an extraordinary way

Stairjogging by Hans-jörg Aleff

Winner Urban 2016 Award

Please go to the gallery and vote on the Street Photography images that fulfill the criteria in the statement above.  We had a bumper entry this month and although we will view them all tomorrow, time will not allow full discussion on all images, so by selecting the best we can highlight the 5 with the most votes.

If you are coming tomorrow you might be interested to bring a raw image so some of the processors could then use that image to enhance using their chosen methods.


November meeting Sunday 20th at Barham Village Hall

Keep the “Street Photography” images flowing in, deadline, Wednesday midnight, all will be shown and discussed on Sunday along with the Pineapple images.  Do have a look and do comment.

We have made plans for Colin, Janine, Paul, Tom, John and Sue to share their processing skills, in both LR and PS, with all of us.  The volunteers will be at tables spread around  two halls and we can move between them  and hopefully all learn something new.

Sonia Dunmall will be showing a panel and if anyone else wishes to share something with us, do let me know for the future.

Simon sent me the following:

Nobody Mentioned the…


After visiting the Chichester Festival Theatre I got talking to another theatregoer who turned out, in a previous life, to have been a photographer working in a little known hard-to-find London portrait studio.


This studio was not only used as a location for taking portraits of the rich and famous but also for the tv media to conduct interviews with some ‘suspect’ individuals who might or might not have been on the side of the angels.


Retired now, my new photographer friend very generously pointed me towards a derelict chapel deep in the woods. Having found the unnamed road and then a place to park the car – always difficult on a single track road – I came across the chapel. BUT as it says at the top: Nobody mentioned the scaffolding!


Would it be worth setting up a DR visit? Should we take a model(s) male/female. It would be at the very least a long day event with a late drive back home…..but let’s us have your thoughts at the November meeting.







Simon sent me this, as an interesting download for our group, a stimulating read.

I loved this,

“On January 28, 1966 I have my first date with a man named Eddie. After saying good night and closing my apartment door, I lean against it and say to myself, I’m going to marry that man. Ten months later, I do.

Forty-nine years to the day after that first date, I post a blurry b/w iPhone picture on Instagram with the caption, I am trying to break my addiction to sharp focus. Within months I have taken and posted hundreds of b/w soft-focus iPhone photos of my day-to-day life.

What starts as an artistic and technical challenge soon becomes a new way of seeing. And the lens I use has nothing to do with aperture or ISO and everything to do with the life energies that surround me. During this the third coldest February in Detroit’s history, my husband and our life together at home become my primary focus. Not just what I see but what I feel. What I remember”.

We might just have to change the mindset of critics of our images to accept that “Soft” could be the new “Sharp”!!!!

Here is the PDF of the whole magazine      604-fr-gb   

This could become a project for you? There is a request at the end, as follows,

”  Are you, or do you know a poor rectangular photographer who would like to try their hand at the square format and be published in the magazine? If so, the Square Residencies programme is just what you need. It is free, it lasts three to six months and is open to all, regardless of age, gender or nationality (or photographic gear).”                                                                                                                                                








In an effort for us all to improve our images, we are focussing on Processing skills at Dynamic Range over the coming months.

An interesting and long discussion took place on the KCPA FB Page over the weekend, about altering images.  As usual it veered off the point but much was clarified for me. We are always asking or being asked if certain things, processes, filters and the like can be used in Competition images and I know I have been uncertain in the past.  With technology and software moving at the pace it does it, there are exciting things released onto the market constantly and it is sometimes hard to keep up and also learn how to use them to good effect.

What has been clarified, primarily by Richard Walton,  is the following:

Bought or free textures are banned, as they are a photograph, and you must not include them in a competing image. Topaz textures can be used but again you must use your own texture image to create it. Everything in an image must have been taken by you.

But you can use any filters, actions or brushes that are available free or to buy, as they are not an actual photograph.  For example, Mist/ Fog filter in Nik is allowed. Of course most of these effects can be achieved in non destructive ways in PS and LR and we hope to cover these processes.


We are hoping by using the talent already in our group to share the knowledge of some of these techniques at the November meeting.

I personally find that viewing Pinterest is a great method of collecting ideas, inspiration and use it as an aid memoir for collecting interesting tutorials to view at a later date. Here is my board of the Tuts I have saved.


Also, ‘as and when’ I find useful things I will add them to the Education Heading and anything posted on FB can be linked here too.

I love using textures and do work with them frequently, but like, I am sure many of you, use a method, learnt or picked up many moons ago. At present I am working through some tutorials that I have downloaded, trying to learn and improve my skills and came across something that was new to me, ‘Blend If’ I have placed some links to info under the PS dropdown in Education. Many may know all about this but I found it very interesting.

Textures that are shown on the internet are often really beautiful and are hard to resist, we know we can make them, but sometimes one is tempted.  So do feel free to buy and use them, but remember only for your own use, not competitively .

Creating Textures    Some ideas, on How,  if you are new to it or need to relearn!

Street Retouch Prank


This was mentioned on Sunday and we did link it some time ago but worth another viewing.

Watch this if you haven’t already by  Erik Johansson

And his website

Following on from Sunday, re the Pineapple Pictures could we ask those that were involved to just do a basic edit – no textures etc, of the straight shot and put it up in a gallery , they will be shown at the November meeting.

Exercise Upload and Galleries now open for Pineapples and Street Photography.
A chance to see what we did at the meeting if you wish to download the Power Point

Have been trying some different methods to enable emails to be generated so please, on the website complete the Receive Emails box on sidebar to receive notice of new Posts.

More News soon.

Normality Resumes

The long weeks of summer are over, normality resumes, Camera Club Welcome evening is over, time to settle down and choose what images to enter in Competitions and get back in the flow.

I have had a productive summer with my photography, getting a new lens has inspired me to practise a great deal!  It’s a lensbaby, and with friends we have been “taking the Babies out”

I have had mixed success, but have some images that I really love, a look that I have been trying to capture for years.  Just needed to throw a bit of money at it to achieve the look. Another advantage for those who hate sitting in front of the screen, they look pretty good straight from the camera.

Another thing that I discovered was Adobe Spark Pages  wonderful web style pages. A great way of telling a story and presenting images to share with friends and family, or clients if you are a professional, there is even a facebook group. You can also get mobile apps for your phone and pad and use Lightroom Collections to add images when Mobile!

My Spark Page