Dynamic Range October

October is a symphony of permanence and change.

For our October meeting (Sunday 27) it’s become necessary to call an Extraordinary Dynamic Range meeting. We would really appreciate it if you could come along and help us shape our 2020 programme.

This all sounds very formal but with over 9 meetings to organise each year it is very hard to guarantee a programme of different events – different from normal camera club speakers and topics – if we are unable to guarantee numbers attending.

We would like to invite external speakers / models and experts who exist but command fees of up to £300 pounds per day.  This is impossible to do when DR members tell us that they would like to attend but might be busy on the day(s) selected for the event.

While we all live busy lives, the better the speaker, the harder to book, and no way can we book without the financial certainly that the costs for fees/hall etc. are covered pre-event.

We are an enthusiastic and talented small group of people and I think the word ‘small’ perhaps sums up some of the problems.  With so many of you busy with other things, and travelling lots, means, the sometimes, small number attending, risks the viability of the group.  Not just the financial viability, but the balance of effort against attendance numbers.

Things to think about for 2020 that we can discuss and formulate ideas for the future :

• A less formal meeting frequency / place, more of a get together ?

• Set number of speaker/model event with an additional cost to pay for meeting / workshop / shoot?

• Project based get togethers where we commit the time and money to ALL work on putting a themed shoot together etc ?

• Connect with RPS and bring more Workshops to this area, would    probably have to share with outsiders

. Etc Etc

It does become more difficult to come up with ideas and my singular efforts sometimes fall short as my plans don’t come to fruition. So the October DR is one of those worryingly blank days but following our discussion we can move onto my ideas below.

Phonography, Iphonography or Images taken with your phone?

Phonography – Did you know there is a Britney Spears song about it? Read the lyrics but doesn’t mention the Photography aspect once, just innuendo about pushing buttons! The written Definition doesn’t cover it either , talk of ‘sound writing’ and ‘shorthand’. So a made up word that doesn’t quite work!

Iphonography-I have always wanted to call it Iphonography, as I have an Iphone but apparently not everyone does, so that’s wrong too. What Is iPhoneography, Anyways? Something for you to read.

Images taken with a phone– Says it all but not sexy or concise!

The Plan:-1. Extraordinary discussion

The Plan:-2. Take and use phone apps to produce a Creative Image

You have two weeks to take and make your image, can it be new work please. Sorry to exclude those who don’t have this sort of phone! Bring your image on a pendrive or email to me. Please be ready to describe how you processed it and share your favourite app that you use to make images.

The Plan:-3. Bring an Image for discussion, critique or just to show what you are doing

Some of you were ready at the previous meeting, you will be first in the Queue!

The Plan:- 4. Simon will share something interesting with us!
The Plan:- 5. Eat cake, drink coffee and chat

Hope to see lots of you on the 27th.

September, we’re back!

I am struggling somewhat with my computer which is being very troublesome. So am doing this from my IPad!

Where did those Summer Months disappear to?  Well they went too quickly for me and I discover that the Dynamic Range September is only a week away.

But I do have a plan, I have invited Gary Stamp and Phil Hedley to talk to us about their style of Photography.  Phil will be joining him and they will show us how they set up their lighting for their style of nature shots.  They may bring along a few ‘beasties’ but they tell me unfortunately they are not looking their best and the frog is too ‘hoppy’ but undoubtedly we will all learn lots from their commentary and demonstration, although it might not be the type of photography that we are familiar with.

Here is an article about Gary

It should be good, they are a talented pair and belong to Gateway Club.

Please can you bring back any borrowed books that you still have in your possession.

Do feel free to show us any images for collective critique, do bring along your prospective winners to inspire and encourage the re st of us.

Hope to see you next Sunday.

Photoshoot with Bex

Guitars topped the list of props that arrived to the photoshoot, I think it totalled 4, along with a small harp. A garden hose, galvanised watering can, suitcase and two teddies were amongst the other props brought along to be included in people’s shots.

As always ideas on paper, and timings planned, work seamlessly, however in reality and with the time disappearing fast, things can go a bit haywire.  However as with all these things, there is much to be learnt and numerous  ideas to be taken away for future use, even just by watching others.  I believe that most of the photographers would have gone away with a shot or two they were happy with, and using some imaginative processing ideas will come up with some gems. The idea behind this event was to let you experience a live shoot with a professional model, at a modest cost, and find out what is possible.  I think the experience took away some of the fear that many of us have in talking, and communicating with a model, and expressing the ideas we are trying to achieve.  But Bex was such a joy to work with, putting everyone at ease and assisting us all so much.  She was just as keen for us to get the shots we envisaged and really helped in the process. The ensuing gallery of pics stems from Paul’s concept for his shot, using Simon’s parachute, of course Simon owns a parachute don’t you all have one in your loft?  This was implemented by group involvement, with a ladder and a wind blower and a brave model. We hope Paul got the shot he envisaged and then we all got a minute or so to take some shots ourselves.

We hope it gave you a taster of what is possible, gave you a desire to have another go, perhaps, in a one to one with a model, hire some studio space with one or two others, or borrow some of our lights and have a go at home.

I said to Simon, once he has recharged his batteries and regained his energy, we will look back on a great day, and like childbirth, when we have forgotten about the labouring, we might do it again! His reply, was, being a man he hasn’t a clue about childbirth! Simon worked so hard to give everybody a great experience, it was really appreciated by all present.

Thanks to Sue Chapman for the behind the scenes shots and fun titling!

An Interesting Read

Congratulations Janine on your recent ARPS.

Well done Janine thoroughly deserved, but we now need to see the Panel! Mistaken Identity one of Janine’s clever composites.

Good fun was had at the Chilham Horse Trials, some of the resulting images my favourites from those posted so far on FB which not all of you see. Just hover over the image to see who took them.

All going to plan with the Model Photoshoot, will email all those whose names I have with full details and timings. Remember to find your unusual props! Looking forward to a fun day. Anyone else interested just email me please.

Names needed

At the recent meeting, our forthcoming Model Workshop, May 26th, was discussed and names taken for those who are interested in coming along.

For those not able to be there, here are the details, and a short form to complete and submit if you wish to join in. It’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation, we need the numbers before we can make a plan. But people want to know how it will work and how much it will cost and what the plan is!

Two things are fixed, we have booked the hall for the day and have booked Becs, our model. Dependant on numbers we will divi up the time so everyone gets an opportunity with the model one to one. But again number dependant you might get several opportunities in a rotation. We will use some funds, from the groups balance, to help finance the day, so making it affordable for all.

ALSO please remember participants need to bring, an ODD prop, larger than 12 inches in length and/or height – but we do not want picture frames, vases or typical prop items …eg. whose going to bring a saddle?

Think outside that Prop Box!

If you want to be included in the plans for the day Please complete the form

March 24th

A brief idea of the plans for our next get together!

Please bring with you a book on Photography that you are willing to loan for a month. Your favourite photographer, a book that inspires you, one that has taught you things or just one containing stunning images, we can then circulate them and enjoy looking at them until the April meeting. It could even be a self published book !

All you want to know about Websites for Photography! Well not everything of course! There will be a discussion about websites, various types, simple, complex, Amateur, Professional, pricy and free. We’ll talk about their merits and self promotion. We will also have some examples of members sites for you to see. I am sure we will hear about the pitfalls and the successes of creating an online presence.

The Story of a Photoshoot, from the germ of an idea to the finished image!!!

We hope to bring you an illustrated talk about this experience, hopefully showing how ‘Projects’ can be a great experience, a learning curve explorative and great fun!

Forward planning discussion for the booked Model Photoshoot on May 26th

Look forward to seeing you there.

It’s Lunchtime

Just a brief reminder of our meeting this coming Sunday, it’s a slightly different format to include our lunch. We are commencing at 11 am, giving us a chance to socialise a bit more than normal and then starting lunch at about 12.30. Hoping we can have some constructive discussion on things to do in the coming months, so do have a think during your sleepless hours!!!

Please bring images or prints for discussion if you have any. Anyone planning any Photographic projects we would love to hear what you are up to.

Anyone who is planning to come on Sunday and who hasn’t told me, just email me so I can cook enough. Are there any dietary requirements? There will be a Vegetarian choice available.

See you Sunday.

Shout Out to RPS Members

Thought I would highlight the Joe Cornish talk in April,open to non RPS members too. Last week to book for Early Bird Prices.

If anyone, who is an RPS member, is interested in entering the DIG Print Exhibition, we are collecting your entries at the Dynamic Range Group meeting on the 27th January. These will then be delivered to the selection in Birmingham in February. Here are the details, and you will need to send in digital copies of your prints.

This is an excerpt from the website

Entries are invited each year for the DI Group’s Print Competition. Every entrant is guaranteed at least one acceptance into the Group’s touring Members’ Exhibition. Prints are selected at the Group’s Annual General Meeting by a panel of three eminent photographers, who also choose the RPS Medal and Trophy winner and the six RPS Ribbon winners. Selected images are published in DIGIT.

DIG members enter 3 prints for selection into the exhibition. They are guaranteed to have one selected. The selectors are Irene Froy EFIAP MPAGB HonPAGB BPE4*, Roger ParryMPAGB ARPS EFIAP Hon PAGB  ESFIAP and Eddy Lane ARPS DPAGB EFIAP

Might be worth making an effort to enter this free entry Exhibition, it was the Digital version of this competition that Sue Dixon received a Gold Medal for and trophy for the Best Image. You never know what might happen!

Do let me know if you are going to enter.

February Meeting

The plan for the February meeting is a sociable Lunch, a time to chat and discuss our future meetings and projects.  Could I ask you just to indicate if you are coming on the 17th February, just for catering purposes, here is a jotform to complete.ONLY 9 REPLIES TO DATE

I am planning a short visual presentation prior to lunch, could I ask Lensbaby photographers to send me TEN of your favourite images taken with any of these lenses? A little bit of “Blurb” about what lenses used and general information about what you like about your images would also be appreciated. Sorry that this is biased to LB users only on this occasion!

JUST A REMINDER DO USE TO SEND IMAGES https://wetransfer.com/

See you on the 27th.